Names Remembered

Kelly AFB, Texas
Coffin, Ed
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Names Remembered

Postby Coffin, Ed » February 2nd, 2012, 4:41 pm

2866th, 1960-1962. Admin Officer 1st Lt. N. P. 'Sandy" Dodge, EC Officer 2nd Lt. Gene Teggatz, CWO Kennedy, SMSgt Arminius Pole, SSgt George Neubauer, SSgt Thomas Orr, SSgt Horace Stephenson, Robert Haynes, John Hudlow, Michael Cummiskey, Jerry D. Woods, Edgar LeJeune, Kenneth Gunville, Edwin Lee, Silas Nail, Chuck Lazzaro, M. Patty, Jack Morrel, Ray Bowen, and a dozen more I'd recgnize but can't name without prompting.

The squadron had its' own motor pool, with V-17 and V-18 Line trucks, some pickups, some Jeeps. That was probably the auto hobby shop that was mentioned by posts from later times. Aside, I've been back in San Antonio a time or two in the past ten years, and surprised that the old East Kelly Field is converted to an international trade duty free zone. Things change more than one would guess!

King, Clarence Bo
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Re: Names Remembered

Postby King, Clarence Bo » November 17th, 2016, 5:51 am

I was stationed at 2867 geeia sqd. 1960-62.worked with albert Ybarra and gene (beetle)bailey from 2866 geeia sqd. Kelly vandenburg afb helping install telephone equipt.working with civilians from 2869 geeia from Norton afb.if you have info.about albert or gene send me a message. thank you.

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