2870 Hill AFB Odgen Utah

Hill AFB, Utah
Gardner, Fred
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2870 Hill AFB Odgen Utah

Postby Gardner, Fred » September 12th, 2006, 11:02 am

Hello! My name is Fred Gardner. I was stationed at Hill from 1960 to 1962 where we traveled all over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming on temporary duty installing antennae on the tops of very tall mountains.
I would like to hear from anyone who was there in the early sixties.
By the way, I changed my name to Fred Gardner. My wife, Meredith, could not stand being called “Mrs. Fink”.

Quoyah, Cliff
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2870 Hill AFB Odgen Utah

Postby Quoyah, Cliff » August 16th, 2008, 12:51 pm

I'm an old GEEIA cable dawg "splicer" @ Hill 64-66, deployed twice to McChord- Wash, Hickam-Hawaii, Havre- Montana, then was reassigned to Osan, Korea. I volunteered for Vietnam while @ Osan, and one (1) week later I was on my way to Clark AB- Phillipines for M-16 training. I was @ transit quarters while there and eventually went to the Airmen's Club, the "Coconut Grove" when I ran into some splicers from Hill. I still wonder what happen to Virgil "v-hill" a small Latino guy, if anybody should accidentally read this and knows of Virgil, please let me know.
In any case, I was @ Danang 67-68, Robins- Georgia, back to Korea & Vietnam, Eglin- Florida, Andrews-Maryland, Lajes field-Azores, and then reassigned to Kadena, Okinawa for 18 months. I later ended my enlistment with the Air Force while assigned to the 1839th EIS, Biloxi-Ms. They are now the 738th EIS. It was a wild & crazy time, but I endured and most of the time enjoyed it!!!!

Renteria, Robert
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Re: 2870 Hill AFB Odgen Utah

Postby Renteria, Robert » June 16th, 2015, 9:39 am

I,m Robert H. Renteria. I came from Kunsan AB Korea and stationed at Hill from June 1964 to July 1966 when discharged.
Been a long time but I think it was called the Electronics part of the squadron. Went TDY all over Western states, Hawaii and Johnston Island removing and installing radar sites
Some of the guys I remember are Chip Colton, Fred Meyers, Ted Nasman, John Aryes, Zinkil, Gill from Houston, Joe Mullins
and Cleve Chapman from Oklahoma. CLeve had a terrible auto accident in his little sports car out by Pineview Reservoir just as we were both going to be discharged We were stationed together since Keesler AFB training.
Also civilian Howard F Creed, "HFC", always good for a loan til payday !!!!!
Got promoted to A1C while there. I drove a maroon "Corvair". Hung out at the Pizza place in Ogden, still have their beer mug they had for their "regulars". They'd give it to you when you left.
Sure would like to hear from anyone that was there around this time

Colton, Chip
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Re: 2870 Hill AFB Odgen Utah

Postby Colton, Chip » June 17th, 2015, 4:55 am

Bob Nice to hear from you. I'm up in Westfield Ma and still kicking. Would love to contact you via email or phone. My email address is chipcolton@comcast.net. It would be fun to go over some memories of our years in GEEIA as we both traveled separately during our Hill AFB years.

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