Strange tale about me, my name and the 2873rd/Det 1, 2874th.

RAF Mildenhall, England(Became 2874th, Det 1 in 1961)
Cross, Richard
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Strange tale about me, my name and the 2873rd/Det 1, 2874th.

Postby Cross, Richard » March 2nd, 2008, 6:29 pm

I was stationed with the 2874th from 1959 to 1964

My full name is Richard Cross. The commander, a Captain, of the 2874th, Detachment 1, then located at Bushy Park, England visited the 2874th at Ramstein. I was introduced to him. He asked if I had a brother in the Air Force. I said that I had, his name was Robert. I asked why he asked me that. "I have a Robert Cross in the detachment, wanted to know if you might be related", says he. I say "No, I don't think so, my brother is stationed at MacDill AFB in Florida." He just grinned and we dropped the subject.

Fast forward about 3-4 months. I get TDY orders to do a job in England. My team flies into Mildenhall and we go to Bushy Park to check in with the detachment before we start the job. I'm in the Captains' office reporting in. He asked me to wait a minute and leaves. A couple minutes later he comes back, towing an A1C with him. This is the Robert Cross he has. Robert and I talk a bit. Turns out he has an older brother named Richard, in the Air Force and stationed guess where? You got it, MacDill AFB!

We all got a big chuckle out of it. Better yet, I find out some time later MY brother had actually met HIS brother!

One more kicker to the story, I'm white, the other guy is black. No wonder the Captain had a grin on his face.

I'll just bet the two of them get just as much of a kick out of that story as my brother and I do.

Swartz, Bill
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Strange tale about me, my name and the 2873rd/Det 1, 2874th.

Postby Swartz, Bill » December 16th, 2010, 1:18 am

I remember Bobby Cross from RAF Mildenhall. He was tall and a had been around the block enough to kind of intimidate a rookie as I was at the time. He had a friend, Stanley Campbell who had always signed his military payroll with an X. Bobby took me aside and said "you WILL teach Stanley how to do a payroll signature". Well I worked with him half an hour a day for a solid week. The best we got was an S_______y C______l and that was enough for Sgt Rodanski to approve it!
I thought it worked so well, I changed mine to W_____mMS____Z. It sure made it easier when signing a dozen legal documents at a time! I thought of Bobby and Stan nearly every time I wrote my name.

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