Athenai Airport, Glyfada, Greece
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Postby Swartz, Bill » December 21st, 2010, 6:25 am

Hi Eric. I was with 2879th from 63 to 66. CMSgt Rufus Holtzclaw was head of Outside Plant most of that time. The Sea View has been remodled several times and is still a nice place to stay. The tram built for the Olympics is very nearby. I love Greece and have been back over 20 times although most of my friends have passed away. Anyone in touch with guys from there?

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Re: Memories

Postby Burns, Robert » July 7th, 2017, 5:55 pm

I was at GEEIA from '65 to'67. As I didn't spend more that 2 weeks in station, I really don't remember any one who has posted here. I do remember another guy with the same name as mine who kept getting my mail and me his. What a pain.

My best memories was from when I first arrived in Athens. Those first few months were great. Living in a hotel and messing with the 'girls' on the strip in Glyfada and Kallamaki, along King George Hwy. Loved Astoria beach too.

Eventually moved into a house in Glyfada with the two guys I flew from the US with. Quite a pair. Jim Feaster was a 'lumber jack' from New Hampshire who brushed his teeth with cleanser and the other guy, I don't remember his name, was this prissy Mr. Clean, who smelled of baby powder and spoke French to our landlady. Like living with the Odd Couple. Thank God I got my orders a few weeks after we moved in. They were driving me crazy. Spent the next 2 years climbing polls in, most of the time, Izmir Turkey, with Sgt Daniels and two guys named Ham and Horsley.

I eventually met a sweet little school teacher and got engaged and moved in with her family in Ano Kallamaki.

After our wedding, the orders started coming, just days after returning home from the last TDY.

I finished my AF career at GEEIA and returned home. I'll never forget my three years there. An experience of a lifetime that let a dumb kid from New Jersey grow up.

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