Does anyone remember Operation Greenbar at Diyarbikir,Turkey

Athenai Airport, Glyfada, Greece
Swartz, Bill
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Does anyone remember Operation Greenbar at Diyarbikir,Turkey

Postby Swartz, Bill » December 16th, 2010, 3:37 pm

Morale was sagging under some unusually dismal circumstances. The base had a radio station and one of our guys, Andy "Grace" Anderson was asked to guest host as DJ for a week. The guys would listen everyday/night and vote for their favorite songs. The construction team from Greece had brought some Greek music, one of which ("Athena") was voted number one. The local brass, fearing offending the Turkish personnel, banned us from playing any more Greek music, but we all got a "lift" from the initial outcome..............
And god bless the brass at Ramstein and Wiesbaden who got us all home for Christmas!

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Does anyone remember Operation Greenbar at Diyarbikir,Turkey

Postby Pickard, Leo » August 17th, 2011, 5:26 pm

I don't remember an Operation Greenbriar, but I was in Diyarbikir in 1962 . I was from the 2872nd Geeia at Torrejon. This was the most out of the way place I think I went to in my travels around Turkey. It was hot and I remember that everything was air conditioned. I was working out at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven Fl and ran into a co-employee who was a civilian there when I was. What a small world. I still have some slides, somewhere, that I made there. I have one of the front gate which states "Welcome to Tuslog Det ??? the best base in Turkey. Leo Pickard , Teletype Maint.

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