Presumed Agent Orange Exposure

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Presumed Agent Orange Exposure

Postby Hull, Gary » December 2nd, 2014, 7:22 pm

After living my entire adult life with BPH and retiring from the ANG in 2008, I acquired a copy of my military medical records. In my records beginning in October 1969 were several entries from the dispensaries at Korat, Ubon and Udorn for prostate problems then diagnosed as prostatitis. My BPH was "officially" diagnosed in 2005 when I had my first PSA. I researched AO exposure on the Internet and decided to file a claim with the VA in 2010 based on the contention had the PSA test been available in 1969, it would have also resulted in an abnormal result. In 2011 my claim was denied so I appealed. In 2012 I attended my appellant hearing providing pictures showing the lack of vegetation around all of the TACANS and VORs I had been TDY to (Korat, Udorn, Ubon, Don Muang, Pattaya, NKP, Chiang Mai and Tahkli). The appellate board was most interested in the pictures of the Korat TACAN since I spent my last 3 weeks in-country maintaining that site for the communications squadron. I also submitted as evidence an email from a person who I was stationed with confirming the lack of vegetation around these sites. A VA physician conducted a thorough examination and concluded in combination with all of the evidence he had to recommend to the board that my BPH was caused by presumed AO exposure. The board agreed and awarded me a 20% rating. I am sharing this with you simply because you may also have a similar experience and if you've not filed a VA claim, maybe you should do so.

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