Better Start Posting to the Board Before we are all Gone?

Daly, Richard
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Better Start Posting to the Board Before we are all Gone?

Postby Daly, Richard » May 12th, 2014, 1:04 pm

Not much activity and it is a shame. I have been trying to locate friends from 2870th at Hill AFB so my wife got on face book and put in all the names I have and found a Victor J. Rasky Jr. We looked at his postings and found a picture of him and his Dad posted on Fathers day 2013. His comment was that he really misses his Dad since he passed? His dad was my friend and we shared many days working together.Him and I always told this story of when we were in Cutbank MT,we were in town for lunch when a couple of Indians approached us and said they knew we did work on poles and would we come and help them wire an outside bathroom on their reservation. Rasky and I agreed and went and put them some lights in their outhouse. Rasky and I became pretty famous after that because we were the first persons to ever wire a-head for a reservation. I have also put together a booklet for my grand kids about all the places I worked while in Geeia. There is quite a lot of information on the internet but many of the sites have been abandoned but many have pictures of the sites. Some of those sites were at Opheim MT, Havre Mt, Cutbank MT,Neah Bay WA. Somewhere I have some old 35 Slides and if I can find them I will convert them to digital and post them. While were were in Neah Bay WA we all went to the worlds fair when it opened in Seattle, they let us stay on the Army base and provided bus transportation to the fair. It is a shame not to share some of your history, this present generation needs our help.

Garcia, Johnnie
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Re: Better Start Posting to the Board Before we are all Gone

Postby Garcia, Johnnie » May 23rd, 2014, 7:52 pm

I posted pictures on AFCS & GEEIA face book to see if some one may know any of the guys that I was stationed. There is only that vaguely remembers that I was at the same place. (Osan). Have a great weekend and never forget the one's that gave the ultimate sacrifice this memorial weekend.

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