New Names Listed for 2870 Hill AFB

Daly, Richard
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New Names Listed for 2870 Hill AFB

Postby Daly, Richard » June 12th, 2014, 7:43 am

First I want to say thanks to Mr James Badgett for this site and updating the list of men who served in the 2870th GEEIA at Hill AFB in Utah.I researched my old records and added over 80 names of those who served from 1960 to Sept. of 1963. If you go to Squadrons and Groups and click on 2870 you can see the new list. I'm hoping you will see some of your friends. Perhaps some of those listed will respond and join in our conversations so we can find out where the are and what they are doing. I guess I should have started my search years ago and I would have received a better response.Well I guess it's better late than never and I hope we will get some to respond.

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