2866 reconnecting

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2866 reconnecting

Postby Morse, Paul » January 24th, 2016, 10:36 am

Not too long ago I received an email through the Geeia website from Mike Seybold who had seen one of my postings naming his Dad, Barney Seybold, with whom I served while at Kelly AFB in the 2866th Geeia. We corresponded some and I told him a few details that I remembered about Barney. Barney was our team leader and we made a few trips with him. We went to radar sites in Iowa and other places in the Midwest. We drove line trucks and pickups and stayed in local motels. The sites were unmanned and small. Our job was to build a radome base, raise it up the tower and then build a radome on top of the base. We did that as several locations and were out for several months doing it. Just like a civilian job.
One of the guys with us was Charles (Chuck) Hilgers with whom I have also been in touch. He's currently living in MO. My other buddy from that time, John Hilton, paid us a visit here in NH along with his wife, Linda, a while back. John and I were TDY in Vietnam in 1967 as part of the 2866 Operation Turnkey. John has since had prostate cancer and diabetes, probably as a result of exposure to agent orange. As I has mentioned in an earlier posting John and I traveled all over South Vietnam by plane, helicopter, and jeep and no doubt passed through a few clouds o AO.
Many thanks to Jim Badgett and others for the help on this website.

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