483 GEEIA & EI July 1969 - July 1970

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483 GEEIA & EI July 1969 - July 1970

Postby Hull, Gary » November 4th, 2018, 1:57 pm

I served with the 483rd from July 1969 to July 1970 and it was the best year of my life. I spent almost 10 1/2 months traveling to the RTAFBs fixing TACANS. After separating from active duty after serving with the 1827 E&I in June 1971, I missed the camaraderie of active duty, so I enlisted in the ANG. I retired as a CMSgt with 36 1/2 good years plus 2 bad years for a total of 38 1/2 years service. My ANG service was split between the MN ANG, the GA ANG, and the DC ANG. Most of my ANG time was in combat communications setting up and maintaining the TRN 26 TACAN at bare base settings. My last 10 years I served assigned to IA & OPSEC special missions for DoD at the Pentagon. As I look back I wish I had remained on active duty back in 1971. Today there appears to not be many of us GEEIA folks around now. I search for updates via Google and when I come here I see very little new. It is almost like the best year of my then still young life has pretty much disappeared. Oh well...getting old is not for the faint of heart. I hope everyone who reads this is doing fine.

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