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Postby Beckmann, Clive » September 2nd, 2013, 10:26 pm

What a nicely done website!

I'm curious as to whether there are any old 2876 GEEIA troops monitoring this chat board?

I was in 2876th GEEIA during 1961-63, but for most of my two years at Clark, GEEIA had me on loan to the 848th AC&W Sqdn. Since 1st Mob was getting all the mobile radar schemes, my career field wasn't in much demand within the 2876th. So it was their way of allowing me to work within my career field, 30332 (Heavy Ground Radar Repairman), which eventually allowed me to successfully attain the 30352 advancement. Being fresh out of a year-long tech school at Keesler AFB, this arrangement was a fortuitous stroke of luck. I lived in the GEEIA barracks, and consequently had the opportunity to know most of the guys who were stationed there at the time.

I worked at the radar site atop Lily Hill, just across the street from the GEEIA barracks, an easy ten minute walk away. The big white bubble housed an AN/FPS-8 search radar, and a TPS-10D height-finder radar was installed on an adjacent steel tower structure. A U-shaped Quonset hut building housed the maintenance shop and operations room, and also a huge break room, the walls of which were papered in Playboy centerfolds. Of course, the coffee pot was always going. Lily Hill and the two radars were visible from most of Clark AB, with the height finder antenna endlessly nodding up and down. (Note: The Lily Hill radar site was deactivated in late 1963)

There was a rotating shift schedule of three swing shifts, then a day off; three mid shifts, then a day off; then three day shifts followed by two days off. I was lucky to be working with a very talented group of technicians and tech-reps, and my training progressed very quickly.

Some time after initial assignment, when the thrill of my new military posting became routine, I acquired a rental getaway in the nearby village of Angeles, a nice 2-bedroom wooden bungalow with corrugated metal roof, nestled amongst a profusion of tropical foliage. I can still close my eyes and hear the sound of rain on that roof. It became my 'fortress of solitude', offering a break from the daily military life. Ah, yes....nostalgia plus.

I have some photos if I can figure out how to post them.

Clive Beckmann
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Beckmann, Clive

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