GEEIA-MDA-EI Association Steering Committee

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GEEIA-MDA-EI Association Steering Committee

Postby Getchell, Darrell » October 29th, 2015, 2:11 pm

just to let you know who to contact if you have any questions/comments about the association. Here's the list along with current email addresses:

Chairman/Publications - Darrell G. Getchell (CMSgt Ret)
Secretary/Treasurer - William (Bill) G. Riley (CMSgt Ret)
Reunion Coordinator - David L. Clark (SMSgt Ret)
Webmaster - James E. Badgett
Special Advisor - Walter (Walt) J. Chapman (CMSgt Ret)


Jesse A. Amparan (CMSgt Ret)
James C. Street (CMSgt Ret)
William S. Hartsell III (Colonel Ret)
George F. Wise (MSgt Ret)
Richard L. Ransom (MSgt Ret)
Peter Zorn (MSgt Ret)

Sorry, only allowed to put up 5 email addresses.

If you have questions/comments about the Association, contact me or Bill Riley, questions about the either of the websites, contact Jim Badgett. Other members may be contacted with comments/questions also.


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