Pending Agent Orange Claim.

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Pending Agent Orange Claim.

Postby Ebacher, Leonard » April 30th, 2018, 11:57 am

Good morning everyone!

I'm not sure if many people will remember me, but my names is Leonard Ebacher and i'm looking for any cable splicers who were in Tak Li, Thailand. I'm looking for anyone who was on the team, or basically anyone who kept their TDY orders for all the jobs that we went and did. We lived on Cha Knot, on the river at the small hotel. I'm currently in the process in filing a claim for Agent Orange exposure while working at the various basis in Thailand on the parameter of the bases. I have a couple of the listed presumptive from the VA that comes from Agent Orange, the only problem is that I have NOTHING placing our team near the parameters of the basis exposed to Agent Orange, specifically Tak Li. If anyone has anything about where we did jobs while serving over in Thailand, pictures, letters to home TDY orders or something that shows I was there that would be amazing. If no one can find any orders, or official military documents placing us there, I ask out of the kindness of your heart to be willing to write a buddy statement so I can at least submit that in with my claim. Again i'm looking for any official military orders, TDY orders, or something highlighting where we went during our time overseas. Here is a statement I'm currently working on.

My job in the Air Force was a telephone cable slicer, assigned to Ground Electronics Engineering Instillation Agency
(GEEIA). Being assigned to this agency, I was frequently ordered to work in Thailand at the following bases in
1965-1968. U-Tapao, Takhli, and Korat. These assignments required me to dig underground in a cleared area, near the base
perimeters to splice cable. Most noteable the job we were assigned to install new telephone cables right on the parameters of
front gate of the base."

My email address is (This is my Veteran Service Officers email, I do not own a computer. Thank you so much guys! Look forward to catching up.

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